CIP 1-19 Bonus Page

Specific Tools and Tasks:

  • Add a signature for your email, using your book website and your blog to start capturing new emails.
  • Logos: Free but Limited Logoease or use elance
  • You’ll need to make .pdf file to put on your website. Adobe Acrobat is $495 and Cute .pdf is free.
  • Register your site at Google, Alexa, Yahoo and other search engines, to make it more accessible in searches
  • Search Google for new mentions of your press release, articles and ad them to your press page on your main site
  • A number of links for your audio programs are too long for Twitter so you can go to Tiny to obtain an abbreviated link
  • Download the Alexa toolbar to keep aware of your site rankings
  • Ring Central provides an 800 number you can call forward and send/receive faxes. This is mandatory once you begin radio interviews.
  • I use the Sony IC Digital Recorder ICD-SX57 that  I got at Fry’s for $180. When I do speaking engagements, I record them and immediately transfer  them to my website. Each audio/video you add to your site raises your site’s rankings.
  • Dragon Naturally speaking came with the Sony IC Digital Recorder and will transfer your audio programs to text. What a great way to create ebooks!
  • 18 x 22 Posters for $2 – make a large print of your book cover for trade shows or as a back drop for your videos
  • Conference Works is a group who will orchestrate conference style presentations
  • Tax ID Form on line
  • You’ll want to start thinking in terms of putting all of your assets in Trusts so that you can minimize your tax exposure and retain the lion’s share of your income. This will help you have more than enough money to create a foundation to support the causes that are important to you and make it a benefit financially to you to be generous.
  • Non Profit Status – Incfile is a great resource that I stumbled upon. I paid $350 to file my 501c3 and it toook about 6 weeks to complete. This is a drastic improvement over the previous non profit I acquired for $5,000 and it took 2 years.

    • Hiding Specific Web Pages

    It is important to Cloak your Bonus Page from search engines so people can’t find them. There will be people who are smart enough to search for all pages on your website and obtain your bonus gifts without paying for your book. Here’s a simple way of doing it. Cloak

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