CIP 1-23 – Radio Interviews

Your interview will be placed on the BookYourGuests (BYG) website so you will be able to refer talk show producers to the page where they will be able to see what your book is about and how it will fit in with their show format.

There are over 1,000 talk show hosts listed in the Radio Show list, plus business talk, self-help, newspaper and magazine contacts.

  • 1000 Talk Shows-orig.xls
  • am radio business editor.xls
  • b2b e-commerce & book review magazine editors.xls
  • nationwide radio newspaper magazine producers and editors.xls
  • Radio Talk Shows 100,000 plus Listeners.xls
  • self help radio list.xls

I contact the radio or magazine producer and never leave a message. I only talk with them live. They rarely ever return calls.

If I don’t have the producer’s name, I’ll ask for it from whomever answers the phone.

I purchased a separate cell phone used specifically for interviews and typically leave that phone on always (unless I’m speaking or on an interview). Often the producer will walk through my website while we’re on the phone then call back with specific information about an interview.

If they want to see my book prior to deciding, fine, I’ve created a .pdf version they can look at while I’m on the phone with them.

Again, I am trying to do everything I can to avoid having to have them call me back.

I will usually dial four producers before I get booked for one interview.

  1. Listen to the show prior to the interview whenever possible.
  2. Write your host name out and the name of the name of their show. It helps to know where the show is being broadcast.
  3. Print out your list of questions and your answers just in case!
  4. Write out the questions as the host asks, it’s easy to wander!
  5. Remember to smile and laugh where appropriate. Think about talking to your best friend about your passion!
  6. Turn your cell phone off and disable call waiting.

I will usually sell 25 – 100 books per interview for air wave (live), talk shows. I rarely sell any books on Internet broadcast shows, even the most popular ones.

Remember, be yourself, be conversational, no more than 30 – 60 second answers, try to use the host’s name at least once every five minutes and keep a smile on your face as though you’re talking with your best friend, it does show up in your voice.

Always thank the talk show host and the producer afterward and find out when you can get a copy of the interview before hanging up.

Here are ten tips on How to Work With the Media by Annie Jennings PR

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