CIP 1-29 – Article Submission

Writing articles is part of being an author, just as much as writing your blog, each step goes hand-in-hand and will support your visibility effort.

The rule of thump is to have at least one article appear on the Internet every month. That’s isn’t as hard to do as you might think. Often I will take a blog (250 words) and expand it to 1-1,250 words and it becomes an article.

Just make sure you continue to do this on a regular basis. The more back links (links from high ranked websites pointing to your site/blog) the higher the ranking you’ll gain from the search engines.

If you place your articles on higher trafficked ezines, you’re get better results. This is how to find the highest rated ezines. Type the URL of the article bank into the search engine. If you use the Firefox browser, you save a couple of steps by downloading the “SearchStatus” extension. It installs at the bottom of your browser window and gives you handy access to page rank and Alexa traffic rank, as well as showing you similar websites to the one that is currently open in your browser.

I have found that occasionally it is easier to hire someone to write the articles for me. I think of it in terms of blitzing. When I create a new blog or release a new book, this is one of the strategies I use to saturate the Internet with my name.

This is a great method to use get your name out there on the Internet. You provide your 50 key words and 3-4 weeks later they provide 3 articles. You proof the articles and make changes. They will send the articles to the on line newsletters and websites that relate to your topic. If you Googled my name a year ago there were 90,000 results. In December (as they do often now) Google cleaned house and my results went down to 162,000. Today it’s 445,000 but it has been as high as 1,880,000 when the articles first hit. It’s a great credibility builder.

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