CIP 1-33 – Membership Sites

Once you have built your database to 5,000 names, you will want to begin your Membership Site. Unless you are very comfortable with website development, hire this out. It is not worth the time it will take you to develop it. If you’re using a WordPress blog site, it will be easy for your contractor to set up.

During the months, with your auto responders, you’ve built the trust with your database as to having great information to share with them.

After 6 moths, you have not only generated a great start to your database, but you should have 20-24 interviews which you have edited and generated a product. These interviews are the basis for your membership site.

Most people will offer a $1 for an introductory offer and will have a range between $9.95 to $79 a month thereafter. It will depend on your audience and industry. You might offer the first 500 the $9.95 a month and then gradually increase the rate with new sign ups until you realize your opt in rate drops below your average.

Typically in most industries, 10% of your database will opt in for your membership program.

5,000 x 10% = 500 X $9.95/mo = $4,975/mo =


Now you can see why your database is so important.

Here’s a wonderful free program to help you learn more about how your Membership site will work.

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