CIP 1-34 – Continuity Programs

The idea of a Continuity Program differs from a Membership Site in that you actually ship product out to your database and the price point is much greater.

I was listening to a teleseminar a few months ago and a young many who had won the Transformation contest in Florida was earning about $2,000 a month through coaching and teleseminars. Obviously it wasn’t enough to support a decent lifestyle.

He attended a Continuity Program Conference and immediately put into place what he learned at the program.

Just like the interviews that we talked about in the Expert Interview Series Program, he approached experts in his field of physical transformation, body building, weight lifting, diet and exercise.

Because his audience was targeted specifically to those who wanted to build more muscle, he focused only on those who would enhance his program.

He offered an initial sign up special of $79/month with an offer of a personal coaching session with him after 6 months of participation which he valued at $995. He had an amazing $60,000 income his first program. Again, this is because of his target audience and the large database of those he interviewed.

He offered an up-sell for an additional $2,000 for the year, which included additional monthly coaching through an audience participation monthly call. His ratio was better than 50% who signed up for the up-sell.

He had large binders pre-printed with his logo and before and after pictures and filled the binder with 12 CD insert pages and worksheets for the entire year’s program.

He found that most people wouldn’t opt out of the program because they wanted to fill up the binder.

If you’re anything like me, I had to do the math:

$60,000 / $80 = 750 Purchased the Continuity Program

750 x 50% = 375 x $2,000 = $750,000 Additional Coaching

He went from $24,000/yr to over $800,000 with his first Continuity Program.

His numbers are exceptional but even if you did 10% of what he was able to do and it took you 10 hours a month to generate the material and conduct the Teleseminar, that’s a great return for your time.

It’s one more option you can use to escalate your income as an author that very few people ever utilize.

The first time I was aware of this type of program was when I signed up for Steve Harrison’s Author’s Club for $79/month. It’s a great program and has proven invaluable. Again, his audience is very targeted.

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