CIP 1-39 – Cost Per Acquisition

CPA or Cost Per Acquisition programs have only recently become available to individuals such as authors. This is another example where the book is not enough, but an audio version of your book will get their attention

CPA programs are exactly whet they’re named for. They don’t get paid until someone buys. Therefore, in most situations, there is no upfront costs. I have noticed a couple of the firms are now requesting a set up fee, but that is not typical.

CPA firms have gathered lists of opt ins on their databases that range in the millions. Each list specializes in a specific target audience and as an example will include but is not limited to:

  • Home based Entrepreneurs
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Opportunity Seekers
  • Job Seekers
  • Age Specific
  • Law of Attraction
  • Religious
  • Environmental
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Seniors
  • College Students
  • Pet Lovers/Animals
  • Stay at Home Moms
  • Single Parents
  • This is a perfect example of a task for your Virtual Assistant. It is a low maintenance project that will have a great results for you when you monitor the activity from your VA. This is an area where you might want to offer your VA a percentage rather than an hourly rate. It will keep them focused and they will earn a great deal more than they would being paid by the hour.

    There doesn’t seem to be a system CPA firms use to decide whether to work with someone, but the price point is one of the deciding factors.

  • Hydramedia
  • BizOpNetwork
  • ModernClick
  • CPAempire
  • Azoogleads
  • Digital Moses is a newsletter that talks about CPA programs and what the newest trends are. It would be a good idea to subscribe to the newsletter. Another is John Adrian’s newsletter.

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