CIP 1-5 Book Cover & Format

Book Cover Design

    Your Book Cover is what will immediately tell the potential buyer why they should want to buy your book.

    The colors you choose depict specific moods, ideals and general appeal. One of the typical resources which have worked for me is and another is By now you should have set up an account on both sites

    If you want to have graphics or illustrations on your book cover, is the best. Cost: $100 average

    After opening your Elance account, post a new job for bid. Choose the appropriate Graphic Design category. You will receive 10-20 responses within 7 days. Pick those who have at least 100 references and a minimum of 4.0 for their ratings. Give them 4 days maximum to complete the project and adhere to your budget.

    What your book cover should include on the front: On the back cover:
    Title • Author’s Picture
    Author’s name • Enticing description of book
    Vivid colors • Testimonials
    • ISBN bottom right (black & white)

    Spine should include:
    Title, Author (at least last name) & publisher

    Hard Cover Sleeve: Back inside flap About the Author and Front inside flap more enticement to buy the book.

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