Author Speaking

You will have the most success when you embrace speaking to promote your book. I was one of those people who grew up stuttering and couldn’t imagine having to get up in front of a group of people and talk about anything.

I had a mentor who took me to a Lion’s Club meeting after encouraging me for a year to start speaking, and just before we finished eating our lunch he leaned over and said “By the way, you are the speaker today!”

I was more afraid of offending him than speaking so I got up and talked for 20 minutes, although I’ve never been able to remember anything I said, I had people applaud (if not out of politeness maybe empathy) and many how came up and thanked me.

A year later I was re-booked into the same Lion’s Club and a young woman came up to me before the meeting got started. She said “I had to come and thank you for what you said when you were here before. It saved my business.”

I asked her what point it was and she told me that if an entrepreneur could account for profitability and growth in their business they had to re-evaluate how they were doing their business.

She went home and after analyzing her expenses she realized she had maxed out her credit cards and spent 75% of her time running back and forth to clients. She then hired a pick up and delivery driver and spent her time doing the business.

She went from no profit to making more than $6,000 a month profit in one year.

The sense of purpose and responsibility to entrepreneurs kicked in and I committed to speaking once a week to entrepreneurs and once a week to those who had been laid off their jobs to encourage them to become entrepreneurs.

I only look back to recognize the milestones I’ve accomplished because of people like my mentor and how many amazing people I’ve met along the way!

You can use your knowledge to change people’s lives while selling your books to a captive willing audience!