Membership Sites

Everyone knows by now your database is what makes or breaks your financial stability. Building your database has never been easier! It’s not even expensive in the way it used to be when you had to pay for users who were not even interested in your information.

Why would you want a membership site? First of all, to build a reason to keep in touch with your database: those who have expressed an interest in your intellectual property. Secondly, it is the most effective method of stabilizing your income.

A typical example is with a database of 5,000 people, 10% will sign up for your membership site and pay a minimum of $10 a month, which will yield $5,000 a month. The key however is to make sure your content is valuable and fresh. It needs to be innovative and not dribble from re-hashed information which might have been floating around for a long time.

Most often your content will be what you have created to deliver specifically to your audience’s needs. How to information is the most readily sought after content. People want to know an easier, faster, more rewarding technique to do what you are talking to them about.

If you were starting from scratch and wanted to create a step by step method of how you arrived at the level of success you have achieved, how would you explain it to someone who has not yet begun? What valuable lessons have you learned along the way? What mistakes did you make which you can offer guidance on how they might avoid the same pitfalls? Who were your mentors and what advice did they offer you?

I created several systems to help entrepreneurs become more efficient and more profitable. Over twenty plus years I have been able to work with several thousands of clients who are now more in control of their businesses. The steps I created for them are available in lessons through one of my membership sites.

While learning about blogging I created a system to have my sites ranked higher than most sites who had paid for Search Engine Optimization. The strategies became a 52 lesson program available through another one of my membership sites. I wrote out the list in a logical order, created a Power Point for each item and then recorded screen shots by using Camtasia to create a movie. It’s a great tool for teaching “how to” lessons.

Documenting what you have done is the perfect example of what your content could be. What area of expertise do you have? Is there a logical process you could explain what you’ve done to an audience over a period of a year?

Do you know other experts in your field? If not, they are sure to be available on social media websites. One of my membership sites information consists of interviews of 22 consultants, authors, talk show hosts, journalists and television personalities who are focused on the single’s world. Another targets real estate investment experts.

When I set up the interviews for each one of these sites, I had no idea who these people were. I found them on Facebook, LinkedIn and through Amazon. I asked 40 people if they would want to be interviewed for their expertise and 50% agreed. It was much easier than I had anticipated and it was a lot of fun!

One of the greatest advantages of conducting the interviews was having the person I interview send an invitation out to their database to listen to the interview live for free or to download the interview during the first 48 hours. After that, the interview was $9.95 and became one of the deliverables in the membership site.

Some of those I interviewed had small databases under 500 while others had databases larger than 5,000. Usually five to ten percent would sign up for the live interview or they would download it. Each interview I conducted added 25 to 250 new names to my database. It didn’t take long before my database exceeded 5,000 and then 10,000. As long as I continue to conduct the interviews, my databases keep growing. I keep a separate database for each of my topics so when I have new information to deliver to them, it is relevant to their particular interest.

Developing a membership site takes focus and consistent input. I offer free valuable information as well. I’ll write an article or create short cut lists or develop a new idea like my List of Best Dates for my singles membership site.

It’s all up to your imagination! Stay focused on what you are interested in and you’ll be sure to find an audience who is also looking for your insights.