Blogging Techniques

I am speaking at the Menlo Park Silicon Valley Pad on Wednesday about the techniques that I’ve learned during the past few months.

Authors struggle occasionally with the business of being an author. Most artists in fact struggle with the strategies of business. I break the techniques down to simple processes that can be accomplished within a few hours a month so that authors are able to concentrate on the area they are most passionate about, writing.

Blogging is one of the most helpful methods of getting your name out into the world. No matter how great your writing is, if no one reads it, it hasn’t made an impression. And most authors write to make an impression or inspire others in some manner or other.

Take the time to create a blog and learn to use the tools to generate more visibility for your writing and your books.

You can download the DVD movie at my blog site and if you’re available on Wednesday, come out and get the information first hand.

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