Back of the Room Sales

I know as an author, speaking is an integral process that will decide the level of my success. If I don’t speak, I’ll never gain that unknown audience. It is so valuable to all authors to be comfortable speaking in all types of audiences.

When I was introduced to speaking, it was by my mentor Ed. He took me to lunch to a Lion’s Club group and just before we finished eating he leaned over and told me I was the guest speaker for the day. I still get butterflies when I think of how I felt. I got up and spoke about efficiency concepts for entrepreneurs. I don’t actually know what I said, but I finished, sat down, or more accurately, nearly collapsed.

A year after Ed began taking me to various service organizations I had a young woman who approached me after I was finished to tell me that she had heard me six months previously and what I said saved her from shutting down her business. When she went back to her office and analyzed her business data, she realized she was loosing $3000 a month. Six months later, based on a few changes I had suggested, her profit had sky rocketed to $6,000 a month.

I became hooked on the power of speaking and inspiring others to do more with less, become  more effective, productive and profitable.

It wasn’t long after that a group at the Filipino Chamber Association asked if I had my talk on a cassette they could take with them. So,  I went to a studio in San Francisco, spent three hours recording an hour long presentation, had the studio add a music intro and ending. I created a nice looking graphic for the cassette cover and even made my own labels. I sold an average of ten for $10, every time I spoke.

I now have 96 products, books, CD’s, ebooks and even a couple of DVD’s. I have single CD’s and 12-set CD’s. It’s quite a large variety.

You will always want to offer your audience the ability to take you home with them in some form of media.

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