Speaking on Cruises

One of the major benefits of being an author is being able to speak on cruises.

The first cruise I went on was because a speaker had to cancel at the last minute and I was whisked away with 3 days notice to Miami where I caught a 10-day cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Panama, Cozemal and several ports.

I spoke one hour each of 4 days and had audiences from 10 to 2,500! The topic was about communications and I think I was up against Bingo the day there was only 10. But the activities director doesn’t mind how many people attend, as speakers, we’re part of the on board entertainment while at sea.

That leaves all days in port free for you to explore the exotic cities at your leisure.

One of my favorite things was to join in large tables for dinner. When I came to the dining room I announced to the maitre d’ “One to join, please!”

I’d end up meeting 10 to 12 people each evening and rarely sat with anyone I had already met.

After the first day of speaking, I heard whispers as I was walking through the dining room, people would point me out, saying my name as though I were a celebrity!

Since we’re considered entertainment staff, we only pay for our port fees (about $250) and you may bring another passenger with you for the same fee.

It was a lot of fun and an exciting way to spend a vacation.

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