There are many choices for an author to take payments on line these days. Almost everyone I know starts out with PayPal. It’s easy and efficient and typically does the job.

But once you get to the point where you need to be more flexible with payments such as payments online, at speaking events and from radio interviews, you’ll need to have a regular Merchant account.

If you’ve been in business longer than two years and with the same bank, you might be able to get a merchant account with your own bank which would be the easiest since it will be tied to all of your account information.

If you have been in business less than two years and have not been able to get a merchant account, you can try a service such as Payanywhere.  Whichever service you choose you’ll want to make sure it is compatible with your Smartphone. There are several applications available for you to use “Card Swiping” at the time of transaction and you don’t even have to use a credit card machine any longer.

The amount of time and energy you save is remarkable! You no longer have to waiting until you’re back in the office to process the charge or lug around the cumbersome equipment!