Editing Teleseminars

Once you’ve completed your teleseminar or webinar, you’ll want to edit your project to create a professional project. This used to intimidate me because I had no experience with audio projects, but now after a few times of editing my own projects, it is a very simple process.

You can use Audacity which is free and does a great job or Camtasia which is about $450 but also allows you to video your computer monitor while you’re using your computer. It is an excellent training tool.

I record a lot of my speaking engagements. When I add a new program I’ll record the first few so I am able to evaluate what is effective, what works, what the audience responds to and what I like about the presentation. Then I’m be ready to record the program and create the CD.

I like to use a music introduction and a few seconds at the end. Also, it is important to add tracks every 10 minutes or so when someone is listening to the audio, they won’t have to start from the beginning if they stop before it has ended.

Almost every audio program uses nearly the same editing tools so I believe whichever program you use is fine.

Here’s a short video to let you see the basics of how I edit my audio programs.