Last January I was introduced to an author’s representative who told everyone she could get several people published because she had connections in the publishing arena.

It turns out she might have had the contacts ten years ago, but the publishing arena has changed drastically during the past five years. Publishers are not taking on new authors. Well, if you want to become a public display of bad behavior and do something newsworthy, you might get a publishing contract.

But in my personal opinion, there is no reason to have a publisher. A publisher only prints your book. They do not market you as an author. They do not arrange any publicity. And for the privileged of having a publisher print your book, you’ll give up the rights to your intellectual property and earn a whopping .35 to .50 cents for every book you sell.

Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it?

Well, not to me!

When I work with authors they earn $15 for a $20 book of 200 pages unless it has 4-color and or is a hard cover. But the worse case scenario is they earn $10. After all, they are the ones who have to write the book, get it printed, do all the marketing and be out in the public making the contacts to sell their books.

So when it comes time to make the decision to get your book printed, do not waste your time looking for a publisher, look to independently publishing and you’ll realize you can earn more than six figures a year by a simple marketing program.