Radio Interviews

There is one thing for sure when it comes to being an author in today’s market, there are all new rules.

We now have to look at every possible avenue that is out there to promote our books. It began about 6 years ago when the mainstream publishers began to change the rules. They made a declaration they would stop accepting manuscripts from unknown authors unless they could prove they had a very large data base to draw from.

But on the other hand, a major number of new marketing venues became available and for a lot less effort and money than had ever been conceivable.

One of the greatest advents is to be able to be interviewed on radio talk shows. Can you imagine being interviewed on a talk show and selling 25 – 100 books for every interview? Well that is more than possible in today’s market. There are more than 1,500 talk shows who have 8 to 15 talk show hosts daily who are looking for entertainment to fill their hour or two of air time. The more entertaining the guest is, the higher ratings they will achieve. Then they can demand higher rates from their advertisers. So everyone wins.

You will learn how to create an enticing interview strategy that drives your listeners to buy your books. The more often you do interviews, the easier it becomes and the more books you will sell.