Adventures in New York

We decided to take the New York subway (my first) to meet up with my author Ken Beasley and his wife BJ for a glass of wine. So we went over to Hells Kitchen and met them at Pier 9. Ken and BJ were from California and moved here nearly 2 years ago when the real estate market went sideways.
They introduced us to Dave, the bartender and a friend of theirs Ronnie Barnes (VP of the Medical Staff to the NY Giants) came in and joined us while we were waiting for Julian and his friend Jeff.
After a great sampling of appetizers and wine, we headed off to the Little Italy district and had a late dinner at Casa Bella. Nathan joined us who has been a friend of Julian’s since they were in high school. The restaurant was so very Italian typical – it was loud, fun and they served great food.
At the very end of dinner over coffee, Nathan told me that his book, after 4 years was nearly done. He has about 30 pages to go and it is being edited now. So we talked about this author program and how we can work together to get his book out into the world.
Everyone has at least one book.