Connecting With Authors

I have always been a natural connector. I love meeting people and truly enjoy getting to know their stories. I find people extremely interesting. So when I get requests on LinkedIn and Facebook, I almost always follow up with a response.

I prefer following up with a live call and I’m surprised how few people will actually followup with the request to connect by phone. I don’t believe I can appreciate all the aspects of what someone has to offer or what they have experienced without that one-on-one time.

So when Alan Stransman contacted me on LinkedIn last week, I immediately responded and asked if we could talk live. Alan is a Ghost Writer and lives in Toronto.

He has two books Independently Published and sounds like he is very accomplished. In fact I will definitely introduce Alan to the next author who wants to use a Ghost Writer.

I will be going to Toronto in October and will be sure to connect with him when I’m there for a speaking engagement. We never know where these connections will lead, but I am always in awe of the talent out there in the world. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to get to know so many amazing people.

About Sharyn

I've published eight books and love to help others learn to take control of their intellectual property. I have developed a program that will provide authors 75% of the sales price as their income rather than the publishers and bookstores. This is the most complete program you will find for your book. Join in the adventure. Let me help you take your book out into the world.
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